Progressive Rising is a traditional, nonconnected PAC that aligns itself with the current Progressive movement emboldened by the ideas of Progressives like Bernie Sanders & AOC. We exist to help give Progressives in rural red districts hope by helping Progressives running for office. We will work to support Progressive candidates around the nation who support Medicare For All Single-Payer Healthcare, a Green New Deal, Racial Justice, Rural & Ag Reform and accept NO corporate PAC money. 

US House:

Kara Eastman – NE02: A Progressive from Omaha, when Kara Eastman wins her Primary, she’ll get a chance for a rematch with one of Congress’ most vulnerable GOP incumbents, Trump rubberstamper Congressman Don Bacon. Primary May 12th 2020.

Nathan Clay – CO07: A Progressive for Colorado’s 7th, Clay wants to take his New American Dream to DC once he defeats fracking-lover Congressman Perlmutter.

Rebecca Parson – WA06: A Progressive & Queer DSA member from Tacoma, Parson is working to take out a corporate Democrat and create a #HomeForAllOfUs.

Shahid Buttar – CA12: The strongest Progressive challenger against Pelosi yet, Buttar is the best chance yet to take out corporate Democrat and current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Marie Newman – IL03: A Progressive from Illinois’ 3rd, Newman is a champion for the poor, LGBT people & women against one of Congress’ anti-LGBT, anti woman Dems.

Russ Cirincione – NJ06: A Progressive from New Jersey, Cirincione, Cirincione will fight to feed the hungry, for a Green New Deal & Medicare For ALL when he defeats Democratic Incumbent Frank Pallone.

Barbara Ramsey – NE01: A Progressive from Bellevue, Ramsey is running to protect farmers, women & LGBTQIA+ people. When Ramsey wins her Primary, she’ll face GOP do-nothing and Trump enabler, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. Primary May 12th 2020.

Emmanuel Morel – FL20: A Progressive from Florida, Morel wants to fight for the working class and the less fortunate when he defeats Democratic Incumbent Alcee Hastings, a former judge who was impeached in the late 1980s.

US Senate:

Yana Ludwig – WY: A Progressive candidate for Wyoming’s first open Senate seat in two decades, Ludwig will fight for the working poor, a Green New Deal and a living wage once she wins in 2020.

US President:
Bernie Sanders – VT: Long time, self identified Democratic Socialist has been fighting for workers in Vermont and DC for over 5 decades. Sanders is the clear choice to defeat the corruption that is Trump.

Progressive Rising is still vetting candidates for future rounds of endorsement. But we need to bulk up the amount of donations we receive. Can you donate $20 for 2020 to help us elect Progressives?


We are looking to endorse Progressives across the nation in 2020, starting with the Primaries. Please leave your contact info, and the info of the candidate you want us to support. Also, thank you for helping Progressives RISE around the nation! We accept and review endorsement requests from our website at