Our Principles

Progressive Rising’s
Platform For Equity (Tentative Platform – Under Construction)

The Right To Quality Health Care:

  1. Work to pass Medicare For ALL 
  2. End Pharma Price Gouging: Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.    

The Right To a Clean Environment:

  1. Adopt a Green New Deal, on a global scale, if possible.
  2. End Use of Fossil Fuels.

The Right To a Living Wage Job:

  1. Minimum Wage of $15.
  2. End Right to Work.

The Right To Affordable Housing:

  1. Includes access to Food, Water, Transportation, Energy,  Public Utilities – ie Water, Electricity, Phone, Internet, Sewer, Gas, Garbage
  2. Repeal The Faircloth Amendment
  3. Provide federal money to local government to build publicly owned social housing.

The Right To a Full Education:

  1. Public School, Debt Free College

The Right To a Secure Retirement:

  1. Increase Social Security

The Right To Freedom From Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia & other Bigotry

The Right To Farm Free From Corporate Interference


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