Progressive Rising is a traditional, non-connected PAC that aligns itself with the current Progressive movement emboldened by the ideas of Progressives like Bernie Sanders & AOC. We exist to help give Progressives in rural red districts hope by helping Progressives running for office. We will work to support Progressive candidates around the nation who support Medicare For All Single-Payer Healthcare, a Green New Deal, Racial Justice, Rural & Ag Reform and accept NO corporate PAC money. 

US House Primary Endorsements

Adam Christensen – US House FL-03 Aug 18
Jen Perelman – US House FL-23 Aug 18
Alex Morse – US House MA-01 Sept 1
*Ayanna Presley – US House MA-07 Sept 1
*Ed Markey US Senate MA – Sept 1 
Jessica Scarane US Senate DE – Sept 15

US Senate Primary Endorsements

Yana Ludwig – US Senate Wyoming Aug 18

POTUS Primary Endorsement
Bernie Sanders

US House General Election Endorsements

Kara Eastman – NE02: The Best Progressive Challenger Nebraska has ever had to offer, Eastman offers voters great takes on Medicare For ALL & getting through this Pandemic.
Shahid Buttar
– CA12: The strongest Progressive challenger against Pelosi yet, Buttar is the best chance yet to take out corporate Democrat and current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.
Marie Newman – IL03: A Progressive from Illinois’ 3rd, Newman is a champion for the poor, LGBT people & women.
JD Scholten – IA04: A Democrat from Northwestern Iowa, Scholten is a champion for farmers and the rural issues they face.
*Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez – NY14: The youngest Congresswoman in history! One of the first incumbents we’ve endorsed in 2020.
Jamaal Bowman – NY16:
Mondaire Jones – NY17:
Dana Baltar – NY24:
Mike Siegel – TX10:
Candace Valenzuela – TX24:
Donna Imam – TX31:
Cori Bush – MO01:
*Rashida Tlaib – MI13: 
*Ilhan Omar – MN05:

US Senate General Election Endorsements
Paula Jean Swearingen – US Senate WV: 

Nebraska State & Local General Election Endorsements
Crystal Rhoades – Public Service Commission – District 2
Dave Pantos – MCC Board of Governors – District 3

Our 2019 Endorsement
Kshama Sawant – Seattle City Council

2020 Alumni: Folks We Are Proud To Have Endorsed!

Congressional 2020 Alumni
Barbara Ramsey – US House NE-01

Albert Lee – US House OR-03
MarkGamba – US House OR-05
McKayla Wilkes – US House MD-05
Shelia Bryant – US House MD-04
Tom Winter – US House Montana
Skylar Hurwitz – US House PA-01
Jennifer Christie – US House IN-05
Sabrina Haake – US House IN-01
Michael Owen – US House GA-13
Nabilah Islam – US House GA-07
Jennifer Eason – US House NV-04
Maya Dillard Smith – US Senate Georgia
Kimberly Graham – US Senate IA
Mel Gagarin – US House NY-06
Lauren Ashcraft – US House NY-12
Shaniyat Chowdhury – US House NY-05
Isiah James – US House NY-09
Lindsey Boylan – US House NY-10
Samelys Lopez – US House NY-15
Robin Wilt – US House NY-25
Russ Cirincione – US House NJ-06
Hector Osegura – US House NJ-08
Zina Spezakis – US House NJ-09
Arati Kreibich – US House NJ-05
Lisa McCormick – US House NJ-12
Charles Booker – US Senate Kentucky
Betsy Sweet – US Senate Maine
Lawrence Hamm – US Senate New Jersey
Lorena Garcia – US Senate Colorado
Nathan Clay – US House CO-03
Root Routledge – US House CO-03
Rebecca Parson – US House WA-06
Joshua Collins – US House WA-10
Chris Armitage – US House WA-05
Jason Call – US House WA-02
Solomon RajPut – US House MI-12
Eva Putzova – US House AZ-01
Noelle Bivens – US House TN-04
Keeda Haynes – US House TN-05
Corey Strong – US House TN-09
Michael Beardsley – US House WI-06
Emmanuel Morel – US House FL-20

State – Nebraska 2020 Alumni
Mark Vondracek – State Legislature – LD9
Melanie Williams – State Legislature – LD31

Progressive Rising is still vetting candidates for future rounds of endorsement. We will also be adding Ballot Measure Endorsements in July and August, but we need to bulk up the amount of donations we receive. Can you donate $20 for 2020 to help us elect Progressives?


We are looking to endorse Progressives across the nation in 2020, starting with the Primaries. Please leave your contact info, and the info of the candidate you want us to support. Also, thank you for helping Progressives RISE around the nation! We accept and review endorsement requests from our website at