Our Principles

Progressive Rising’s
Platform For Equity (Tentative Platform – Under Construction)

Universal Healthcare

  1. Work to pass single payer Medicare For ALL, and make healthcare a human right.
  2. End Pharma Price Gouging: Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.
  3. Ensure people of marginalized communities have equal access to healthcare.
  4. Allow Americans to purchase cheaper drugs from Canada and other nations.
  5. Cancel ALL medical debt.

Climate Justice

  1. Adopt a Green New Deal (Bernie Sanders plan) for the nation, work for a global GND.
  2. We declare a current state of climate emergency.
  3. End Use of Fossil Fuels by 2030.
  4. Transform our economic system to 100% renewable energy.
  5. End the use of non-sustainable energy sources.
  6. Make fossil fuel corporations and executives accountable for causing climate change.
  7. Ban Fracking.
  8. Build a modern smart grid.
  9. Electrify homes and businesses.


Criminal Justice

  1. Fully legalize recreational marijuana.
  2. Expunge all cannabis convictions.
  3. End Private Prisons.
  4. End Mass Incarceration.
  5. End Cash bail.
  6. Ban the Box.
  7. End Prison Slavery, pay working prisoners the federal minimum wage.


Living Wage

  1. Minimum Wage of $20, $15 is acceptable for a transition.
  2. End Right to Work, Repeal Taft-Hartley.
  3. Federal Guaranteed Jobs.


Affordable Housing

  1. Make housing access a right. Includes access to Food, Water, Transportation, Energy,  Public Utilities – ie Water, Electricity, Phone, Internet, Sewer, Gas, Garbage.
  2. Repeal The Faircloth Amendment.
  3. Provide federal money to local gov’ts to build publicly owned social housing.



  1. Work to pass College For ALL.
  2. Cancel Student Debt



  1. Increase Social Security


End White Supremacy

  1. Treat White Supremacy as Terrorism, because that’s what it is.


Political Reform

  1. End Citizens United
  2. Get corporate money out of politics, institute public campaign financing
  3. Adopt Universal Automatic Voter Registration
  4. Make election day a National Holiday.
  5. Abolish the Electoral College


Rural America Reform

  1. Provide Farmers with a Farmers’ Bill of Rights
  2. End Corporate Farms


Foreign Policy

  1. Prioritize Diplomacy Over War
  2. Support BDS Movement
  3. Cut ALL Aid to Israel until they respect Palestinian life.
  4. Restore War Powers to Congress where they belong

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