Progressive Rising Announces First Round of Endorsements


MEDIA CONTACT: Ken Riter, Progressive Rising Founder & Spokesman

Cell: 531-205-3193, Email:

Progressive Rising Announces First Round of Endorsements

OMAHA, NE – Progressive Rising announces 1st Round of endorsements for Congressional races. Progressive Rising is a nonconnected PAC that aligns itself with the current Progressive movement emboldened by the ideas of Bernie Sanders and AOC. We will work to support Progressive candidates around the nation who support Medicare For All Single-Payer Healthcare, a Green New Deal, Racial Justice, Rural & Ag Reform and accept NO corporate PAC money. 

US House:

Kara Eastman – NE02: A Progressive from Omaha, when Kara Eastman wins her Primary, she’ll get a chance for a rematch with one of Congress’ most vulnerable GOP incumbents, Trump rubberstamper Congressman Don Bacon.

Nathan Clay – CO07: A Progressive for Colorado’s 7th, Clay wants to take his New American Dream to DC once he defeats fracking-lover Congressman Perlmutter.

Rebecca Parson – WA06: A Progressive & Queer DSA member from Tacoma, Parson is working to take out a corporate Democrat and create a #HomeForAllOfUs.

Shahid Buttar – CA12: The strongest Progressive challenger against Pelosi yet, Buttar is the best chance yet to take out corporate Democrat and current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Marie Newman – IL03: A Progressive from Illinois’ 3rd, Newman is a champion for the poor, LGBT people & women against one of Congress’ anti-LGBT, anti woman Dems.

Russ Cirincione – NJ06: A Progressive from New Jersey, Cirincione, Cirincione will fight to feed the hungry, for a Green New Deal & Medicare For ALL when he defeats Democratic Incumbent Frank Pallone.

Barbara Ramsey – NE01: A Progressive transwoman from Bellevue, Ramsey is running to protect farmers, women & LGBTQIA+ people. When Ramsey wins her Primary, she’ll face GOP do-nothing and Trump enabler, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry.

Emmanuel Morel – FL20: A Progressive from Florida, Morel wants to fight for the working class and the less fortunate when he defeats Democratic Incumbent Alcee Hastings, a former judge who was impeached in the late 1980s.

US Senate:

Yana Ludwig – WY: A Progressive candidate for Wyoming’s first open Senate seat in two decades, Ludwig will fight for the working poor, a Green New Deal and a living wage once she wins in 2020.

Progressive Rising is still vetting candidates for future rounds of endorsement. We accept and review endorsement requests from our website at

For more information, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages listed:


3 thoughts on “Progressive Rising Announces First Round of Endorsements

  1. Love what you’re doing, Progressive Rising!

    I keep an information & learning resource for progressive candidates, nationwide, at my website. 2 criteria: Single-Payer M4A and No Corporate Money. But I don’t endorse (I’m nobody). – I’m adding a link to your organization in the “Further Candidate Research” list.

    How does your endorsement process work? Must endorsements be made by people living in the candidates community?

    The reason I ask, is that often I come across outstanding progressive candidates (from what I see on their campaign website) that no nationwide progressive endorsement group has backed. Let me know if I may help. I could submit endorsements that recommend exploration of a candidate, if that would be helpful.

    Fingers crossed for a Progressive President & Congress!

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