Progressive Rising Endorses Kshama Sawant


MEDIA CONTACT: Ken Riter, Progressive Rising Founder & Spokesman

Cell: 531-205-3193, Email:

Progressive Rising Endorses Kshama Sawant

OMAHA, NE – Progressive Rising is proud to announce its endorsement of Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council, District 3.

Kshama Sawant has been fighting for the working class of Seattle, with a considerable degree of success. One example, Sawant led an effort to adopt a $15 minimum wage, and Seattle became the first major city to adopt it. The momentum caught on with worker movements across the nation. 

Progressive Rising is a nonconnected PAC that aligns itself with the current Progressive movement emboldened by the ideas of Bernie Sanders and AOC. We will work to support Progressive candidates around the nation who support Medicare For All Single-Payer Healthcare, a Green New Deal, Racial Justice, Rural & Ag Reform and accept NO corporate PAC money. 

Progressive Rising is still vetting candidates for future rounds of endorsement. We accept and review endorsement requests from our website at

For more information, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages listed:


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